Upcoming Events

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  • The Work As Worship Conference is a live simulcast designed to help you  connect your faith and work. For Christians, who also happen to be business professionals, faith and work don’t often intersect. The connection between faith and work is not always obvious, but it is a God-given calling to make them connect. What if all Christians saw work as something holy? And what if work was actually an opportunity to worship God?

  • How often have you said or heard someone say, “We just miscommunicated.”? Communication is a complex process, involving translating the picture in your head into words and then betting on that picture being correctly interpreted by another person. Additionally, we can become emotionally hijacked before, during, or after a conversation which generally makes matters worse. If you’re interested in improving your communication, building better relationships, and handling criticism more effectively – join Gary Harrelson and Dennise Stricklin in this highly interactive, practical, and engaging workshop.