Every Cent Sent

⅓  to Lottie Moon

The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® is an annual offering collected by Southern Baptists to support international missions.

Your  Generosity   Directly
Supports Missionaries

$10: Provides 1 month of missionary language training
$100: Provides supplies for a missionary to serve in a refugee camp for a week
$300: Provides a 1 year license renewal for a missionary doctor
$2,500: Provides 1 year of homeschool curriculum for missionary kids

⅓  to Mission Partners

We have many church partners all over the world. And this year we would love to be able to give them a little extra to help further their resources.  Below is a list of all our church partners.
The Local Church (Arvada, CO)
Peter & Elijah (South Sudan)
Alabama Baptist Children's Home
Grain Game
Only A Fool
Jesus Way Homeless Shelter
Penitas Baptist Church (Mexico)
The Holloways (East Asia)
David Rajan (India)

⅓  to Debt Retirement

In 2011, Faithful stewardship, financial sacrifice, and a Spirit empowered vision and wisdom led us to our Rice Mine Road location. We are indebted and inspired by the  obedience of founding families and early NRC leaders.
Today, we believe God is leading us to prioritize the elimination of our building/land debt. This past year, God has led us to lease a portion of our land to a cell tower company and to refinance our mortgage. The lump-sum payout of the tower reduced our debt to less than one million dollars and the subsequent refinancing allowed us to lower our interest rate, monthly payment, and lock in to a 15yr fixed rate. We credit and give glory to God for all of this!
Missions has always been and will always be a passion and commitment of NRC. And we believe God is calling us to a greater involvement and support of missions. Reducing, and eventually eliminating, debt will allow us to do this! For this reason, ⅓ of Every Cent Sent will go towards debt reduction.