DNOW 2019

Disciple Now is February 1-3, 2019 and the cost is $35. The purpose of D-Now is an all-inclusive event targeting ALL our students as well as having our students invite their friends. The weekend is designed to use small groups to help students evaluate their spiritual lives. The D-Now theme this year is Crossroads: The Cost of Choosing and the Scripture we will focus on will be Luke 14:25-35...there is always a cost to every decision you make. The Focus is Spiritual Replication: Evangelism; Community; Discipleship; Ministry/Care; and Worship. We would love for your student to join us on this amazing weekend! Students stay at a host home with their age/friend group for the night on Friday and Saturday. During the day our NRC drivers will transport them to all of the fun activities for the weekend. Food will be provided within the homes and whenever they come to NRC. We do ask that you bring a snack and 2-liter drink to share with your group.

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