Our Story

How it all started...

Everyone has a story, and we as a church are no different. North River Church began in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in November 2005 and was founded by our Founding Pastor, Scott Reynolds. Scott had a simple mission, “To accept people where they are spiritually and invest in them so that God can develop them into the image of Christ.” To complete this mission, he created 40 Core Competencies and developed a simple process of Worship, Grow, and Serve. Now, in just a short time, North River Church has church plants around the world including a pastor school in South Sudan. We have an active, vibrant, and growing church in the North River region of Tuscaloosa.  

We have a multitude of ministries to get plugged into and a vast array of mission opportunities here locally, regionally, and across the world. Our Church's biblical passage is Ezekiel 47:1-12 and it's all about experiencing the power of God. We want to invite you to come experience the power of God with us at North River Church as we seek to develop into the image of Christ. We hope that Our Story will become part of Your Story and that you can experience life at North River Church.
Visiting a church can be very exciting and a little overwhelming all at the same time. We want to help relieve your anxieties. We have two events we encourage you to participate in while visiting our church.
North River Church Discover Receptions are casual events and are designed to help you connect with the heart of North River Church. We know how many incredible churches are in the Tuscaloosa community and how each church brings something unique and special to the work of Christ. Therefore, we do not take your visit lightly and we want to help you discover the unique heart and culture of North River Church. Hosted every four to six weeks, the NRC Discover Receptions allow all those who have visited NRC over the last two months to meet the staff and other church leaders and learn about the heart of North River Church.
The Discover Track is the North River Church membership class and the second step in joining the church. These are done online through RightNow Media. It's a series of 6 videos for you to watch at your own pace, followed by a few questions so we can get to know you and your story a little better. Through this course, you can learn more about our Core Values and what it means to be a member of North River Church. If you have recently joined, or are thinking about joining NRC, we encourage you to check it out and see how you can be involved in the life of the church. If you're interested in going through the Discover Track, email Nate Young.

We ask that you take this Spiritual Gifts Test before the Discover Track.